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Yoga has been a part of Devon’s life since she was nine years old, and continues to be her agent of healing and health. Devon obtained her yoga teacher certification through in the summer of 2012, and has been teaching ever since.

Out of a passionate desire to take yoga into untraditional places, Devon founded Omni Yoga Project in August 2015, a company that focused on corporate yoga and Workplace Wellness, as well as other on-site yoga opportunities. In March 2016 she moved to Tel Aviv, Israel: an adventure that lent her much insight on the broad and accepting nature of yoga. She continues to expand her yoga education around the world.

Though she will always love the creative and strength-based applications of the Vinyasa yoga practice, her focus in the last two years has shifted toward restorative, gentle yoga formats and meditation. She is devoted to helping her students overcome stress and the ailments of a fast-paced, overstimulated culture, simply by slowing down. Such devotion inspired the co-founding of Oasis Yoga in January 2019 — an Urban Retreat in Denver which offers Supportive Yoga + Meditation.— @oasisyogadenver

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With consistent and intense daily practice Naga Devi made her life her yoga. She is a yoga teacher, Ayurvedic practitioner and sound healer who offers a variety of workshops, retreats and classes with the purpose of helping others cultivate sustainable health and provide tools for self transformation. She teaches throughout the U.S and holds retreats internationally.  

Naga Devi discovered yoga in 2006 and has been a devotee ever since. She has completed many trainings and workshops including: A 200hr YTT with Sarah Trelease & Renee Sills, 100Hr YTT with Allison Alstrom, a weekend intensive with Master in Naad & Swara Yoga Sri Shyamji Batanaghar, a weekend workshop with Dr. RamKumar from South India’s Ayurvedic clinic Vaidyagrama, as well as her ongoing studies with Dr. Vasant Lad from the Ayurvedic Institute and Archarya Skanda Nichols from the Babaji Kriya Yoga Lineage.

She emphasizes that what is cultivated and discovered on the yoga mat are life tools to be carried out into daily life and put into practice for greater peace, prosperity and grace off the mat.

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Samadhi Yoga is a sanctuary of support in Denver, Colorado, that offers depth, excellence and love in service to the community's collective awakening. Among 3 studios in Uptown, Golden Triangle and Englewood, it offers daily public classes for all levels, workshops, and yoga teacher training. Samadhi Yoga strives to be an altar for yoga in the city; we incorporate devotion, energy, and history into our classes each day.

Explore and expand the boundaries of your body, breath and consciousness. Across space and time in a star system not far from our own, a young man burst forth into illumination; born from the dance of Hopi Kachinas and Shiva’s Crescent Moon, he emerged into Truth’s light as Yogi Santosh. A powerful transcendent awakening nearly two decades ago created the momentum for Santosh to relinquish a normal life existence and explore the illuminated teachings of conscious evolution. Yoga and its spiritual vastness was the perfect arena for this encounter to unfold. Now, 20 years of yoga practice and deep devotion have culminated in cosmic awareness and subtle energetic understanding that is unique to our time. Santosh wishes to share this wisdom and support others’ self-transformation, individual mindfulness, and karmic alignment.