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Aerose (Julia Morgan) is a local street artist whose public art practice is built around empowerment, self-actualization and emancipation of the viewer through creative enhancement of their communities. Her art reveals the wildness that simmers beneath the civilized exteriors of today’s humanity, emphasizing our connectedness to each other and environment through internal landscapes that blend imagination and waking reality. By merging nature and impalpable psychic territories through paint, intention and manifestation of our deepest dreams and most secret thoughts can be brought to visual fruition and given space to breathe and grow. Aerose utilizes spray paint on many large-scale projects, as it is an optimal medium to explore the themes of ephemera and permanency demonstrated in her work, while being efficient, archival and weather resilient. Aerose’s murals interrupt and add to passerby's daily experience by providing colorful windows into alternate realities, encouraging contemplation and inspiration. Aerose’s work seeks to envelope the mind and gaze of the viewer in the same way that we are held by feeling, each other and the cradling universe within which we dwell, allowing the viewer to exist in the spaces between mind and matter, dreams and reality. Art unites, empowers and transcends all illusions of separation, and has the capacity to truly alter minds and societies-- this is the main impetus behind Aerose's creations!